How did you hear about this litter?
Spouse Occupation
Type of Dwelling
Does your landlord agree to new puppy? Can you provide a letter stating they approve.
What type of yard do you have?
Is someone home during the day to let the puppy out to potty?
Please provide us with the current and past pets you have, are they spayed or neutered?
What made you decide to get a Golden Retriever?
Is everyone in agreement to get a new puppy?
Please provide the names and ages of all people living in your home.
Are you expecting any lifestyle changes within the next 12 months? ie: moving, new job or new baby.
Do you have a regular veterinarian and are you willing to provide regular veterinary care to your new puppy?
Are you willing to feed a good quality food selected from a list provided to you ? Or check with me if you want to change foods?
Although we don't breed for color if you have a preference please let us know.
If there is a preference of the sex of your puppy please let us know, will you take the opposite sex if your preference is not available?
What classes are you planning to take your new puppy to and have you already selected the place you will attend? What other activities are you planning to do with your puppy? Please include the name and number!
Are you willing to complete a CKC (in Canada) or AKC (in USA) title with your new puppy?
Are you planning to breed this dog or bitch?
Please provide us with two references we may contact about you.
Please type any additional information you feel we may need about you and your family.
Do you agree to complete all breeder required clearances before you consider breeding this puppy? Clearances required are OFA hips and elbows fair or better, eyes "normal" by a board certified Opthamologist and heart cleared by a board certified Cardiologist.
Harmony Golden's Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in a Harmony Golden, I look forward to getting to know you!
Once you have sent in your application, if you have not heard from us within two days please re-contact us as sometimes the internet loses applications!  Also please note that just completing the application does not guarantee you a puppy!  This is the start of the process and I require phone interviews and getting to know each other meetings as well as a minimum!
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